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  • Emily was very pleasant and helpful, answering my many questions and concerns about different procedures. The clinic was attractive but not intimidating.


  • You have rewound the years on my face and I now look as young, as I feel on the inside.

    Caroline Cockram

  • Carl is fantastic! I'd recommend him to anyone trying anti-wrinkle treatments or any other procedure for the first time as he takes the time to explain the procedure and the options thoroughly. I thought getting needles in the face would hurt, but Carl’s technique is flawless and painless. Envisage will exceed your expectations from your first visit.

    Sara Green


Envisage Clinic is a Queensland day clinic which specialises in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The cosmetic centre has been providing facial and skin treatments in the Gold Coast region for over 16 years and has developed a reputation for exceptional and personalised service with over 50% of new clients referred by friends and family.

Envisage Clinic was established in 1998 by Dr Christopher Leat and is a small, private clinic in the Gold Coast that specialises in non-invasive cosmetic medical treatments. Dr Leat has over 29 years of experience in medicine, is a Member of The Royal College of Physicians of London and devoted the last 15 years to Cosmetic Medicine.

Envisage Clinic's philosophy is simple - "We improve people's lives by helping them look and feel younger." The idea for Envisage Clinic was born out of a desire to open a boutique clinic in the Gold Coast that has a personalised and tailored approach to cosmetic treatments with staff that care about the health and wellbeing of all their clients.

Non-surgical cosmetic medical treatments are ideal for people who want to enhance their appearance and experience exceptional results without the cost, pain and risk associated with traditional plastic surgery. Less recovery time is generally needed and after most non-surgical treatments patients can go back to work immediately, the same day.

Popular cosmetic treatments offered by the Envisage Clinic include:

  • wrinkle free treatments,

  • facial treatments,

  • dermal fillers,

  • skin peels,

  • vein treatments and,

  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are not only about helping you look better, it's also about helping you feel better about yourself, improving your body image and positively impacting your lifestyle. With this boost in confidence, we hope you embrace the new you and take on new challenges that make you fulfilled and add to your quality of life.

Make an appointment to have a discrete and confidential chat about non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Our medical experts will explain each treatment in detail, advise you of any possible risks and complications and give you an honest assessment of whether you are a good candidate for the many cosmetic treatments we offer at Envisage Clinic.

Searching for wrinkle free treatments on the Gold Coast? Envisage Clinic offer cosmetic treatments, dermal fillers, anti-ageing skin care, IPL treatments, mole removal and non-surgical face lifts. Find the best deals and prices on mineral makeup and acne scar treatment.


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